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Lot 298 - Auction 66 - Part II

Price realized:
1.500,00 GBP

An etruscan carnelian scarab intaglio. Volatile.
12 x 17 x 7 mm

The body and the head of the bird are dug with globular elements, while the legs and the open wings are engraved with linear features. The bird opens its wings and lowers its head with its long neck, filling the stone field perfectly. Refined work of excellent execution and compositional sense. Dotted frame on the field, on the edge and on the back of the bezel. Attractive vivid color of stone. Mirror polished carving. Slight wear marks. Through hole, crossed by gold ornamental frame with disk closure. For comparisons: J. Boardman, Intaglios and rings. Greek, Etruscan and Eastern from a private collection, n. 147.
Beginning of the 4th century BC.


Lot status:
Auction closed