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Lot 481 - Auction 66 - Part II

Price realized:
4.900,00 GBP

A fine roman republican carnelian intaglio mounted in an ancient gold ring. Bust of Athena with inscription.
intaglio 13 x 19 mm; ring diam. 22,5 mm circa; gr. 20,82
The divinity faces left and wears: helmet with animal decoration and high crest; aegis with gorgoneion (Gorgona head and snakes rising from the bust), on the model of the Cammeo Gonzaga. Around, the inscription in ancient greek: KPATI-NH (term referring to victory and military power, to the supreme command and to the governorate); a star on the edge, facing the face of the goddess. Intaglio executed with great skill in the typically roman republican style, inspired by the late Hellenistic greek models. Use of globular elements. Mirror polishing inside the intaglio. Rare typology. Apotropaic and auspicious representation with allegorical meaning, referring to political domination and military supremacy (and protection with the defeat of fear). Generously sized, slightly convex bezel. Slight wear marks. The sturdy solid gold frame surrounds the stone with a large double groove frame, while the annular hoop is large, slightly convex and characterized by an increased internal diameter. The ring could presumably belong to a memberr of the military elite or of the roman governorate. The frame, of great impact, shows wear marks and slight dents.
1st century BC.


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