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Lot 483 - Auction 66 - Part II

Price realized:
6.500,00 GBP

A precious roman sard intaglio mounted in a gold modern brooch. Bust of Diana the huntress.
intaglio 16 x 23 mm; brooch 24 x 46; gr. 8; gr. 5,50 cast impression.
The divinity is turned 3/4 to the left, with the partially draped bust and visible breast, modeled on Greek statuary. The thick hair is collected backwards and only a lock of hair falls on the shoulder. On the bottom, the right hand emerges which holds the bow upwards with great elegance. On the head: the crescent moon. Intagli engraved with great technical skill, with great attention to anatomical volumes and expressiveness of the face. The face is characterized by half-open full lips and large eyes fixed in a languid contemplative expression. A work of great artistic refinement. Attractive stone color. Mirror polishing inside the carving. Traces of ancient wear marks. The gold frame, dating from the 19th century and characterized by interwoven circular and spherical ornaments, presents on the back of the marks. The lot includes a modern gold impression taken from the carving with box.

1st century A.D.


Lot status:
Auction closed