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Lot 134 - Auction 67

2.800,00 GBP
Starting price:
2.000,00 GBP
Price realized:
2.000,00 GBP

Sicily, Selinus, Tetradrachm, ca. 440-430 BC
AR (g 17,14; mm 30; h 4)
Apollo and Artemis, standing side by side in slow quadriga r.; Apollo, nude to waist, holding bow, Artemis holding the reins; in ex. grain of corn, Rv. ΣΕΛΙ − ΝΟΝΤΙ − ΟΝ, nude youth river god Selinos standing l., holding large laurel branch and patera; on l., cock in front of burning altar; on r., leaf of celery over bull standing l. on a square basis. W. Schwabacher, Die Tetradrachmenprägung von Selinunt, MBNG XLIII (1925), 20, 34; SNG ANS 700.
Rare. Cabinet tone and large flan; slight shift of dies, anyway extremely fine.


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