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Lot 78 - Auction 74

Japan, Momoyama period, late 16th century

The armour consisting of a ko boshi helmet (kabuto) with sixty-four plates joined by a multitude of rivets, the tehen kanamono apex made of iron, the mabizashi visor also made of lacquered iron, the hikeno shikoro with five blades joined with green kebiki-style lace-up ribbons, large fukigaeshi and golden maedate, the menpō mask in reddish iron with yodarekake collar in metal mail, the cuirass dō and the five-blades gessan made of iron plates with silk ribbons laced in kebiki style, the kote in metal mail with lacquered iron plates, the six-blade iron sode fastened in silk, the haidate thigh protection with five plates in lacquered iron, the tsuneate shin guards in lacquered leather, containment box.

Provenance: Fabrizio Savi collection, acquired in 2000 from Nihonto, Fred Weissberg.
In the accompanying expertise, with regard to this armor Fred Weissberg emphasizes above all the working of the kabuto and the rarity of the tsuneate which in his opinion could also be more ancient than the rest of the armor.


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