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Lot 5 - Auction 75

700,00-1.000,00 EUR
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500,00 EUR
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Symbolist base for lamp , Italy , early ‘900

Lamp base in hand-forged steel. The lamp consists of a hexagonal base with six spherical feet welded at the corners and a stem representing a shrub with a two-headed snake wrapped around it. The base has symbolist decorations forged and punched on the base and six pins that act as passers-by for a decorative perimeter chain. One of the ends of the snake is carved on the base and develops around the stem. 6 main bifurcations emerge from the stem like a twisted branch. The full length of the snake is engraved with decorations that recall its scaly features. At the upper mouth of the snake we find the lamp cover applied with welding. The lamp cover is made of brass with an upper ceramic curb.


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