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An Italian coral and gilt copper Inkwell - Trapani, 17th Century

oval shaped gilt copper tray with central bell, flanked by the taperstick, the pounce pot, the sealing pot and the inkwell pot, all decorated with "Retroincasto" Mediterranean coral (Corallum rubrum, Linneo 1758) dots and pods, a fundamental component of Sicilian Baroque. The Trapani's coral worker from fifteenth to seventeenth century became famous throughout the Mediterranean for their splendid masterpieces as sacred and profane objects or nativity. In the center shows the coat of arms of a de 'Medici Pope, with two crossed keys and the Medici Crest. The only Popes with this coat of arms were the Pope Clement VII (Giulio de 'Medici) Pope from 26 November 1523 to 25 September 1534 and the Pope Leo XI (Alessandro de' Medici), Pope from 1 April 1605 to 26 November 1605. It can therefore be assumed that the inkwell was commissioned by one of the two popes who had the same coat of arms. A similar inkwell is in the collection of the Sicilian Region, for use by the President of the Region. Dimensions 22 x 41.5 cm. Pot heights 3-7.2cm.. Weight 610 gr. Item condition grading: **** good (defects, losses and replacements).


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