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Lot 21 - Auction 85

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Leagros Group, ca. 525 – 500 BC
height cm 45

An Attic black-figure amphora with incised details, characterized by triple handles and torus foot. Palmette-lotus chain elements on the neck and tongues pattern on the shoulder. Under each handles, a configuration of four palmettes and volutes in which intersection a cross on the center. Below the main decoration, two lines, a frieze of upright lotus buds and radiant rays from the foot. On one side, the main decoration consists of three satyrs, one of which wearing panther's skin, playing with Hermes; behind him, a panther. On the other side, the departure of two warriors: an hoplite and an archer with a dog behind them, standing between a veiled woman and a elder. Restored. Provenance: Private collection, London; acquired on the European art market in the 1980s.


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