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Lot 25 - Auction 86

Price realized:
1.100,00 GBP

A phoenician blue glass paste scarab intaglio, mounted on an ancient gold ring. Quadrupede

5th - 4th century B.C.

intaglio : 10 x 12 x 5 mm ring diam : 17 mm 2,77 g

The animal is facing left. For the mounting, the refined ring-shaped hoop is formed by the interweaving of two thread-like elements of different thickness and ends near the scarab with a spiral twisted pattern. The mounting style reminds etruscan production, which makes this scaraboid ring an example of one of the most develop market in Etruria. Very fine condition.

U.K. private collection 1985. Formerly in Arthur Sambon (1867-1947) collection.


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