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Lot 27 - Auction 86

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An etruscan carnelian scarab intaglio. Hermes with caduceus.

4th-3rd century B.C.

11 x 15 x 9,5 mm

The young god is seated on top of the rocks, facing right. His body is naked and has a detailed incised musculature, emphasized by the presence of globular elements. On his head he wears the petasus while on his shoulders a cloak with chlamys. With the left hand he holds the handle of the caduceus, while with the right he seems to touch one of the two snakes entwined with the magic stick, facing downwards. A foot and one hand of the god are engraved over the dotted frame, with a globular termination, according to a style typical of this production (near the socalled “Italic- Etruscanizing group” of the 3rd century B.C., Richter, Pl. XXXIV).The allegorical scene seems to be inspired from a mythicall episode while the pose recalls the scenes of characters who manufacture or create tools-works of art. Around the figure, a dotted frame finely engraved. The figure is executed in a refined way and is characterized by a mirror polish in all its details. Slight superficial crack on the back of the beetle. Wear marks. Rare

U.K., private collection 80's.


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