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Lot 58 - Auction 87

Price realized:
24.000,00 GBP

The Carthaginians in the Mediterranean, Campania, Capua, occupation of Hannibal, Gold Drachm, ca. 216-211 BC
AV (g 4,18; mm 15; h 3)
Head of Tanit (Kore-Persephone) or Ceres l., wearing corn-wreath, Rv. Nike driving biga r., holding goad; in ex. K retrograde. HNItaly 479 (the attribution to Capua is not certain); SNG ANS 145; British Museum 1919,1120.19 = Weber 288 (same dies).
Of the highest rarity, only the third specimen known. A legendary coin well struck in a high relief on a solid gold flan. Virtually as struck and almost Fdc.


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