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Cornelis Cort (1533-1578) da Tiziano Vecellio


The engraving repeats in reverse and merges two paintings by Titian from the same subject made in 1546 for the church of the Crociferi, then of the Jesuits, of Venice and in 1567 for the monastery of the Escorial. The print shows the martyrdom of St. Lawrence on a grill, on this stands the writing “Titianus invent. Aeques Caes. ”, Bottom center“ Cum prevel. 1571 ”and further to the right“ Cornelio Cort fe ”, on the pedestal at the top right the dedication Philip II of Spain“ Invictis Philippo / hispaniarum Regi / D ”. Fringed thread engraved. (see Maria Agnese Chiari, Etchings by Titian. Catalog of the printed graphic collection of the Correr Museum, Venice, Correr Museum, 1982, p. 56 n. 11).
engraving, 500x350mm
Good impression in good condition


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