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170,00 EUR

Principi Etruriae Duci is an original artwork realized by the French artist Charles Simonneau in the second half of the XVII century.

Original etching on paper. D'aprés Charles Le Brun.

Good conditions except for a fold in the center and light spots on the surface.

The artwork is an original composition with a long writing on the lower margin. The huge figures in the center are allegoric, there are two figures of animals (a lion and a wolf), and a big coat of arms in the center.

The artwork was realized by the French drawer and engraver Charles Simonneau (Orléans, 1645 - Paris, 1728). He came from an ancient family of engravers from Orléans, France. He was also called «the major» to distinguish himself from his brother Louis. He worked in the atelier of Nöel Coypel and, in 1667, he followed Guillaume Chasteau (1635 - 1683).
24 x 53


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