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John Doyle (HB) (1797-1868)

Group of 3 lithographs of political satire by John Doyle (HB) (1797-1868), printed in London by Mc Lean, 1835. Doyle, born in Dublin, soon moved to London, achieving success through caricature and political satire . From 1827 he began his production of drawings that he signed with the monogram HB, safeguarding his anonymity; his works were published by the famous publisher Thomas Mc Lean and lithographed by Alfred Ducôte, were so successful that Prince Metternich himself owned the entire collection. The drawings made from 1830 to 1845 marked a fundamental step in the history of caricature, bringing English satirical art to a more moderate language than that used by contemporary colleagues.
42,8 x 34, 43,3 x 32 e 43 x 34 cm
Very good condition.


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