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Braun G. and Hogenberg F., Tingis, or Tangier, from the collection "Civitates Orbis Terrarum", Cologne, T. Graminaeus, 1572-1617.

Very fine B/W etching and engraving showing a view from the sea of Tangier. The engraving exalts the fortifications of the city, under the Portuguese domination until 1580, and the commercial role of the Moroccan port. Good conditions, with some little holes on the left margin.

“Civitates Orbis Terrarum” (Atlas of Cities of the World) was the second oldest printed atlas in the history of world cartography and the first atlas totally dedicated to topographical views. The first volume of this collection was published in Cologne in 1572; the following in 1575, 1581, 1588, and 1598. The sixth and final volume appeared in 1617.
21.5 x 28 (foglio), 18.5 x 24 (image)


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