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Trattato della struttura del cuore della sua azione e delle sue infermità del signor Senac medico consultore del re. Tradotto per la prima volta dal francese. Brescia, per Giammaria Rizzardi, 1773.

§ In 4° (ca. 280 x 210 mm), 4 volumes.: XLIII, [1], 287, [1] pp.; 368 pp.; 275, [1] pp.; 340 pp.; XVII anatomical folding plates at the end of vol. I; Magnificent, clean and crisp copy with wide, uncut margins, original rustic cardboard binding.

The only Italian edition of the remarkable first work completely devoted to the cardiac anatomy, physiology and pathology (or. ed. Traité de la structure du coeur, de son action et de ses maladies. Paris, chez Jacques Vincent rue & vis-à-vis l'Eglise de S. Severin à l'Ange, 1749).
In this treatise Senac discusses heart disorders and diseases that he analyzed personally, as well as diagnoses that were determined by other physicians. He was the first physician to describe the correlation between atrial fibrillation and mitral valve disease, as well as the first to provide a comprehensive study of cardiac hypertrophy. He also conducted research of cinchona extract and rhubarb as possible treatments for cardiac irregularities. Moreover he served as a personal physician to King Louis XV (1710 - 1774) from 1752 until his death.
Ref.: Blake, 414; Eloy, VI, 138; OCLC 14834038.


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