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La virtù sconosciuta. Dialogo di Vittorio Alfieri da Asti. Dalla tipografia di Kehl : co' caratteri di Baskerville, 1786

§ 4° (240 x 160), (59, [1] pp. Sign.: A⁸, B-C⁸ D⁸, last blank in original), contemporary coloured wrappers, labelled handwritten title on spine, light brownstains on the lower blank margin of six leaves, a fascinating, large-margined and crisp copy, almost uncut. The utmost rare first edition, actually printed in 1789, but formally dated 1786, the year of composition, during a journey in Alsace. A bibliographical gem; the printing types were bought by P.A.C De Beaumarchais and then brought to Kehl (Renania, Germany) where he also printed all other Alfieri’s works.

The work is an imaginary dialogue with Francesco Gori, Alfieri’s dearest friend early passed away, In it, two life choices are compared: that of the poet who takes charge of a public mission of
private relationships. The confrontation gives Alfieri the opportunity to return to the fundamental themes of his thought: the freedom of the individual in the face of the tyrant, the ignorance of the vast majority of men, the disillusionment of glory.


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