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Egyptian faience Shabti, Third Intermediate Period, ca. 1069 - 525 BC; height cm 15,5. The Shabti originally came with an Expertiese by a Dutch Egyptologist who determined that the inscription reads as follows: "To Osiris, Priestess of the the goddess Mut…..Ptah, Tabaket (en) ascheg, justified". According to this expertiese the Shabti is in the name of, and was made for, Tabaketascheg (Tabaket (en) ascheg) priestess of the goddess Mut. In July 2020 Peter Clayton, published egyptologist, was consulted, looking at the images which he was supplied he was able to verify the initial 'Ausar' (To Osiris) and the final 'maat heru' (True of Voice, also interpreted as justified, which means deceased). Although Peter could make out and read other symbols he deemed two of them to be 'indeterminable' and therefore could not ascertain the full meaning, he noted that the inscription was quite long for there to be only the name of the deceased, he suggetsed that there could be a job title that precedes it. Peter was able to confirm the period and to identify the Shabty's origin as the West Bank at Thebes, modern day Luxor. Restored from 2 pieces, chipping to the head and foot.

Provenance. English private collection (D.M.A.), from the Ducth art market.


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