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Lotto 25 - Asta 36 - Archeologia - 15 Settembre 2017

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Etruscan Impasto olla
Mid 7th century BC; height cm 36 (14’’); diam. cm 25,5 (10’’); A dark brown impasto olla on high trumpet foot, with blogular body, flat overhanging rim, distinctive shoulder, encircled by an appllied plastic ring, and two up-right handles set just below the most expanded point; on opposite sides of the body, large vertical ribs.
Restored on the body and a small hole on the shoulder. A good example of the impasto ware production, especially of funerary vessels, most of wich discovered inside the chamber tombs around the Etruscan cities of Vulci or Volsinii.

Private collection, London; acquired on the art market in the 1980s.


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