Lotto 28 - Asta 36 - Archeologia - 15 Settembre 2017

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Italic Impasto amphora with spiked handles and three miniaturistic kyathoi
First half of 7th century BC; height cm 22 (9’’); height cm 7 (3’’); A brown burnished amphora with a high, slightly tapering neck, flared lip, broad flattened-convex shoulder, deep truncadet-conic body and a disc-shaped foot; two ribbon handle stretching from the rim to the shoulder, each with three spurs of decreasing length, two of which are ritually broken in antiquity. Three flattened bosses are applied to both sides of the most expanded point of the body, decorated by stamping of concentric circle; on the shoulder, three series of stamped palmettes and concentric circles.
Three brown burnished miniaturistic kyathoi with flat bottom and double-arched handle (one with refined pattern of etched lines).
Small scattered restorations.

European private collection, acquired in the 1990s.


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