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Lotto 494 - Asta 37

7.000,00 GBP
Numero offerte:

Galba (68-69), Sestertius, Rome, end of September or early October AD 68; AE (g 24,57; mm 36; h 6); IMP SER GALBA CAES AVG TR P, laureate and draped bust r., Rv. Victory alighting l., holding palladium and palm; in field, S - C. RIC 352; C 261.
An incredible bold portrait struck on a very large flan; riverine patina, good extremely fine.

Ex Numismatica Ars Classica, Auction 78 (26 May 2014), lot 2148.

Restoration and cleaning report by Professor G. Pierbattisti (Conservator Safe Coins s.r.l.): during the analysis of this Galba Sestertius, the microscopy observation has revealed the artificial deposition of resin-pitch and wax on the surfaces of the coin. Under stereoscopic magnification, these layers was chemically and mechanically removed, showing a spectacular riverine brownish patina on both sides of the coin.


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