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Lotto 21 - Asta 54

14.000,00-18.000,00 GBP
Base d'asta:
10.000,00 GBP
0,00 GBP

Egyptian Horus Falcon mosaic glass inlay
Ptolemaic Period (ca. 300-50 BC); height cm 2; length cm 2,5; thick mm 5; Very detailed: white body with blue facial and feather markings, opaque yellow eye with blue pupil and yellow detailed blue beak; wings with turquoise, red, yellow and detailed blue, on yellow and blue floral ground line; amazing crackle patina. Provenance: The Gotha Precious Collection: property of a Swiss Collector; with Oswald Burchard, Zurich, until 1983; formerly part of the M. Hess Collection (Hotel Jura, Basel).


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