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Lotto 129 - Asta 54

8.000,00-10.000,00 GBP
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7.000,00 GBP
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Roman Basalt Altar with Heliopolitan Deities
2th – 3rd century AD; height cm 40; On each side a portrayal of deity: Apollo Helios, nimbate and radiate; a female head that reminds the Syrian goddess Aphrodite - Astarte; a diademed bearded man with short wavy hair, probably resembling to Zeus Helios; finally Tyche, with turret crown. The whole enriched by repetition of symmetrical couple of stylized phytomorphic elements. A sacre altar of the Roman Province of Syria, an extremely rare specimen, maybe the only one in private hand, beautiful example of the Roman-Oriental Religious syncretism. Provenance: Property of an Italian Noble family since 1980s; with an expert report dated 2005; sold with an export licence issued by the Republic of Italy.


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