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Lotto 14 - Asta 66

22.000,00 GBP
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ca. 525 - 500 BC
height cm 49
An Attic black-figure amphora with incised details, characterized by triple handles and torus foot. On the neck, palmette-lotus chain elements and on the shoulder tongues pattern. Under each handles, a configuration of four palmettes and volutes. Below the main decoration, two lines, a meander band, a frieze of upright lotus buds and radiant rays from the foot. On one side, the main decoration consists of a fight: a warrior armed with spear and Boeotian shield depicted throwing himself towards a second warrior on the right; between the fighters is a third kneeling warrior. The scene could represent the Iliad episode in which Achilles defends Antilochus against Memnon. On the other side a thiasus: bearded Dionysus wearing an ivy crown and a long himation, extends a Kantharos towards a female figure in a mantle standing opposite him; behind the god is a satyr playing a diaulos and a Maenad; the background is filled with vines and bunches of grapes.

Private collection, London; acquired on the European art market in the 1980s; accompanied by a copy of a thermoluminescence test certificate on a fragment.


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