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Lotto 302 - Asta 66 - Parte II

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An etruscan gold ring with engraved bezel.
Bezel 7 x 9 mm; diam. 19 mm circa; gr. 6,90
The ring is formed by a flat and wide band ending with two leonine protomes that support, with the front legs, an engraved oval bezel. On the bezel a dog is engraved facing left raising the right paw. Sir Boardman highlighted the derivation from Greek specimens and the known origins (Vulci and Cerveteri) confirm the presence of a greek creftsmanship established in Etruria. Wear marks and minor faults. For comparison: Aa.Vv., L'Oro degli Etruschi, edited by M. Cristofani and M. Martelli, p. 299 nos. 185 -187
End of the 6th century BC - beginning of the 5th century BC.


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