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Lotto 315 - Asta 66 - Parte II

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A rare roman-hellenistic carnelian intaglio, mounted in antique gold ring. Fortuna.
intaglio 18 x 20 mm; ring diam. 21 mm circa; gr. 9
The personification of Fortune and prosperity is seated on boulders, with the head turned three quarters to the left and the body slightly twisted to the right. The draped figure holds in his right hand a cornucopia and a drapery, with a left hand a scepter. Use of globular elements for rendering the details of the face, hands, breasts and fruits of the cornucopia Base line. Slightly convex surface. Attracting vivid color of the stone. Mirror polishing. Generously sized setting. The bezel is rotatable: the frame that holds the notch is characterized by two spherical pins that rotate like hinges inside two special seats of the annular rod. Frame in very good condition. Interesting work, well executed and of rare typology.
2nd-1st century BC.


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