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Lotto 485 - Asta 66 - Parte II

An important modern gold necklace with 10 roman intaglios and 1 roman cameo. Various subjects
total lenght 44 cm; gr. 105,65
. In the center: late Roman onyx cameo, dextrarum junctio of a married couple and on the sides A - Omega, fragmentary in the lower part (allegorical scene referable to marriage and the sacred alliance with the Christian faith as the beginning and end of everything. Proceeding to the right: carnelian intaglio, Tellus sitting on a throne nursing an infant, with an ear of wheat, chalcedony intaglio, gryllos, amethyst intaglio, bust of Athena with spear, carnelian intaglio, hippocampus, nicolo-agate intaglio, Tyche-Fortune with rudder and cornucopia, agate intaglio helmeted warrior bust, carnelian carving, chariot chariot, agate carving, allegorical scene of aTyche-fortune request, burned carnelian intaglio, Athena Nicephora, carnelian intaglio, Tyche-Fortune crowned by a winged victory. Each hard stone intaglio corresponds with a solid gold cast impression. Every single piece is set in a solid gold frame and connected by a chain structure with spherical ornaments on the bezel. The closure is antique style. Unique work of its kind, performed with great technical expertise by the master goldsmith Massimo Maria Melis. Particular attention is given to the chromatic balance of the gems and to the symbolic choice of the subjects.
Intaglios: 1st-4th century AD. Mounting: 20th century.


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