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Lotto 497 - Asta 66 - Parte II

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A rare late Roman ivory cameo mounted in an ancient gold ring. Frontal head of Medusa.
cameo 21 x 25 x 14; diam. 20,5 mm; gr. 20,05
The face is frontal, made in high relief, and characterized by a thick head of hair with large locks, a prominent nose, a fleshy mouth and hollow eyes (the eye is empty and originally had to contain an iris of glass paste or hard stone); above, on the head, rest the wings. Subject of apotropaic and protective value. Interesting stylistic rendering with well-marked features and search for expressiveness, typical for this subject. Slight wear marks, traces of patina and ancient sediments. The gold ring is formed by a flat bezel with a small decorated frame (with a chiseled filiform element); the annular hoop is flat and broad, adorned with the same chiseled pattern engraved on both sides. Rare example of generous dimensions in an extraordinary state of preservation. Intact. For comparisons: M. Henig, The Content Cameos, pp. 88-92; M. Henig, H. Molesworth, The Complete Content Cameos, pp. 183-192 ("Gorgoneia"); O. Neverov, Ancient cameos in the Hermitage Museum collection, 1988 ( russian catalog), pp. 128-137. This lot is listed in an invoice from parisian gallery Mythes et Légendes by Michel Cohen in 1986, mentionning that the piece was formerly in Arthur Sambon (1867-1947) collection.
3rd-4th century AD.


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