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Lotto 745 - Asta 12

1.800,00 EUR
Base d'asta:
1.440,00 EUR

Traiano (98-117), Sesterzio, Roma, 114-117 d.C.; AE (g 24,76; mm 34; h 6); [IMP CAES NER TR]AIANO OPTIMO AVG GER DAC PARTHICO P M TR P COS VI P P, busto laureato a d., indossa l’egida, Rv. REX PARTHIS - DATVS, Traiano seduto verso s. su di una piattaforma; dietro di lui, un prefetto; di fronte, un soldato e Partamaspate di Partia inginocchiato; in ex. S C. RIC 668; C 328.
Ritratto raffinato, patina marrone, spl.

Restoration and cleaning report: this Sestertius of Nero came to my attention with a green patina which showed morphological characteristics and crystallization due to repatination. Under stereoscopic magnification (100X) was mechanically removed this layer, showing an original dark-brownish patina with scattered cuprite crystals on both sides of the coin.
Completing the cleaning of the reverse, I observed the reparation of a corrosion
with epoxy material, corrosion due to a cuprite formation of cuprite place on the right side of the field. I believe that this accurate cleaning operation returned the coin to its delicate and refined definition.
Prof. Gianni Pierbattisti, Conservator Safe Coins s.r.l.


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