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Lotto 1142 - E-Live Auction 36

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Giovanni VIII Paleologo (1391-1448), Emperor of Bisanzio (1425). Æ Medal 1425 (110mm), by Antonio di Puccio Pisano called Pisanello. IωANNHC BACIΛEVC KAI AVTO KPATωPPωMAIωN O ΠAΛAIOΛOΓOC, Bust r. with long beard and hair in curls, wearing tall hat with visor dome R/ OPVS PISANI PICTORIS, Giovanni VIII Paleologo on horseback, on the rocky background, the emperor keeps his hands clasped in prayer in front of a cross on a high base, at left a page on horseback seen from behind, under the boundary: EPΓON TOV ΠICANOV ZωΓPAΦOV. Kress 1; Pollard 2 e 2a; Armand I,7,20; Hill 19. Later cast medal. EF


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