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Lotto 1148 - E-Live Auction 36

Ercole I d’Este (1431-1505), second duke of Ferrara. Æ Medal 1472 (87mm), by Baldassarre D’Este (active from 1469 to 1474 in Ferrara). HERCVLES DVX FER MVT REGII MARCHIO ESTENSIS RODIGII QVE COMES, bust turned to the left with long hair and high headdress armor with great jewel on his chest. Rv. BALDASARIS ESTENSIS OPVS, Duca d’Este on his horse to step to the left, in the right hand the baton of command. Pollard I, 28 (AE mm 90,7); Armand I, 53,3. Later cast medal. VF


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