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Lotto 26 - Asta 85

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Attribuited to the Florence Painter, ca. 460 - 450 BC
height cm 45,5; diam. cm 38; diam. (with handles) cm 43

Outstanding krater with monumental figure. The main decoration consists of a Dionysiac scene, composed of four characters disposed in two specular pairs: on the left a draped bearded satyr, as visible from the pointed ear and the knobbed nose, which is holding a thyrsos; a standing woman, probably a maenad or a priestess, with a flowered branch; on the right, another woman (another maenad or priestess) holding two torches; a bearded man, with thyrsos, probably the God Dionysus. On the opposite site, three standing draped youths, one with a staff and another one with a strigil. Intact. Provenance: English private collection, according to the heirs possibly purchased in some auction or Art Gallery during 1970s-1980s (accompanied by an old photograph that show it).


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