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Lotto 73 - Asta 85

4th century BC
height (head) cm 31; height (stand) cm 12; length cm 17 x 17

Larger than life-size Attic marble female head, perhaps of a goddess. The oval is elongated, with full cheeks and round chin. Eyes and eyelids are delicately molded, creating the effect of a deep gaze and a feeble smile. The forehead is framed by fine and soft locks tied back, that allow us to glimpse the ears. The face is partially damaged by ancient injuries: an ancient restoration made on back and top of the head is still visible through the traces of the Gradina (or tooth chisel) and the oxide of an iron pin. Published in the catalogue: Oliver Forge, Brendan Lynch: The Ancient World. From Mesopotamia to Coptic Egypt, London 30 June - 7 July 2017, n. 37. Provenance: English private collection; bought from Godson & Coles, London, 2002; acquired from a regional auction where it had been consigned for sale from a deceasede's estate, it is said owned by an English noble family who preferred to remain anonymous, descendant of a contemporary Lord Elgin's archaeologist.


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