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Лот 501 - Auction 29

800,00 GBP
Базовая стоимость лотов:
460,00 GBP
1.300,00 GBP
Все предложения:

Aelius Caesar (Hadrian, 117-138), Sestertius, Rome, AD 137; AE (g 23,81; mm 30; h 6); AELIVS - CAESAR, bare head r., Rv. TR POT - COS II, Spes walking l., raising skirt and holding flower; in field, S - C. RIC 1055; C 56.
Brownish patina, gently smoothed, about extremely fine.

Restoration and cleaning report: During the analysis of this Sestertius, the microscopy observation has revealed the artificial deposition of acrylic varnish on the surface of the coin. Under stereoscopic magnification, was chemically and mechanically removed this layer, showing a brownish patina on both sides of the coin.


Статус лота:
Аукцион закрыт