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Лот 135 - Web Auction 235

200,00 GBP

Group of Roman Frescoes and stuccoes fragments; ca. 1st - 2nd centuries AD.

Provenance. Collection returned by the German Judicial Authority to Herakles Numismatik und Antiquitäten GmbH (München), who acquired it on the European art market since the 1970s; from 2000s the entire collection is located in the United Kingdom; some objects of this collection were bought subsequently by the Italian Government (e.g.: bari.repubblica.it - Archeologia, torna in Puglia la stele dauna di oltre 2.500 anni fa: presa all'asta con una colletta). Almost all objects need restoration, if well executed will be an excellent investment, also a good exercise for scientific or academic purposes. Lot sold as seen, no returns.


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