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Лот 5 - Auction 32

400,00-500,00 EUR
Базовая стоимость лотов:
300,00 EUR
Текущее предложение:
380,00 EUR
Все предложения:

A e B - Two straight-sided carinated bowls in A, lightly bell-mouthed in B, ear handles carinated beneath the rim, enlarged rim, disc-shaped base. ORVIETO; 14th Century.Archaic majolica painted in green and manganese duotone; inside: A- Heraldic lily; B- Heraldic coat-of-arms in a trellis; outside A, B- chain band between registers. A,B - Ø 9.5 cm; h. 5 cm. Cond.: good; glueing and minimal restoration.These two small carinated bowls, probably made in Italy in the 14th century, are actually finger-bowls. Such bowls were a regular feature at the tables of the more prosperous classes at a time when the use of individual cutlery was virtually unknown. The heraldic coats-of-arms on the inside of the bowls confirm their upper-class origin. The coat-of-arms insided bowl A is the Farnese lily, while the coat-of-arms inside bowl B has yet to be identifed.


Статус лота:
Аукцион закрыт