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Лот 12 - Auction 32

800,00 EUR
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Basin with broad converging wall, enlarged mouth, small cavetto, two wide forked ribbon handles, flat base. VITERBO; first quarter of the 15th century.Archaic majolica painted in green and manganese duotone; in the cavetto Fish in brown and green copper flake amid leaf infill. Ø 29 cm; h. 10.5 cm; Ø base 14.3 cm. Cond.: reasonable; additions and restorationInteresting for the symbolic value of the decoration in the centre: a brown fish with its spine highlighted in green. The motif is a combination of the well-known Christological symbol of the fish and the medical symbol of the crutch that was displayed at the entrance of churches and farms built along the routes traditionally travelled by pilgrims (the Via Francigena, for example) as a sign that pilgrims and the needy could seek care and shelter there.


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