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Flagon with a globular body, straight mouth with a broad, flattened spout grafted onto it; disc-shaped base. VITERBO, mid-15th century.Archaic majolica with inscription in blue Gothic script: Farinu; a small cross above and crossed lozenges at the sides. H. 20 cm; Ø base 10.5 cm.Cond.: reasonable; gluing and additions. This category of flagon, called panata in medieval documents from Viterbo, was a development of the medieval cooking pan used to soak and revive bread, with a characteristic hole out of which excess water could be poured. Here, however, the hole inside the spout is far too wide to allow liquid to flow slowly out of it, and the inscription farinu (flour) associated with a cross points to its possible use in a religious context. The original flagon may have belonged to a convent and have been used to measure out the correct amount of flour to make hosts for mass.


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