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Лот 18 - Auction 32

7.500,00-8.000,00 EUR
Базовая стоимость лотов:
4.000,00 EUR
Текущее предложение:
4.000,00 EUR
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Cilindric Albarello Majolica painted in zaffera blue, yellow and green. FIRENZE (o MONTELUPO); Late 15th CenturyH. 24 cm; Øb. 9 cm ; Øp.10 cm. Cond.: excellent, firing molds Prov.: Naples, Giovene de Girasole collection; ITALIKA collection, inv. n. M224. Bibl.: Giovene Auction catalog de Girasole, Florence, Sala Galardelli, 27/2/1925, n.184. Christie’s Auction catalog, Rome 26,27 /4/1988, n.441. Gardelli, 1999, n. 147. The Albarello is similar to the segments of the bamboo stalk, where the spices were set before they were taken from the east to the west. The unusal decoration with a great visual apparence, makes it really rare and precious.


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