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Straight-sided bowl on cercine support. MONTELUPO, Pietro di Filippo di Dimitri; second half of the 15th CenturyØ 21,5 cm; h. 4,5 cm. Cond.: really good. Prov.: Palermo, Antonello Governale collection; ITALIKA collection, inv. n. M160. Bibl.: “Antique ceramic”, II-N. 3 (March1992), p.1. Gardelli, 1999, n. 156. Archaic majolica with italo-moresca fine decoration, also called alla damaschina. It is inspired to arabian figurative culture; this kind of decoration is a really rare version. The Majolica is made by Pietro di Filippo di Dimitri, accomplished between 1480 and 1490; we can know that thanks to the grace of the decor.


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