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Virgin and Child
BOLOGNA or CENTO, sculptor Cesare Tiazzi, 1783. Colored terracotta statue. In the back, rectangle with partially legible text: 1783 / Nus [...] and, below, inside a more recent map: R [restore?] 1849.
H. cm. 48.
Cond .: very good; The child lacks part of a handcuff.The statue, very rare, is placed in the production of devotional terracotta made in the eighteenth century in Bologna and in various centers of Emilia. It is most likely attributable to a recently rediscovered sculptor: Cesare Tiazzi (1743-1809), an ancient and noble family of Cento (Bologna). Very gifted artist and close to his compatriot Guercino, Tiazzi sculpted for his delight, giving his works to his friends.


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