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Лот 65 - Auction 243

1.500,00/2.000,00 €
Базовая стоимость лотов:
400,00 EUR
1.200,00 EUR
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Airplane model C202

Bakelite model of the MACCHI C202 Thunderbolt, fighter aircraft of the Italian Regia Aeronautica, single-engine, single-seat, low-wing cantilevered monoplane. Original from the 1940s made for propoaganda by the same Macchi company, with rotating metal propeller. Complete with its original base with black lacquered wood support, and chromed metal bolt, to highlight the nickname THUNDERBOLT
Measures 36 cm wingspan, 31 cm long. Lacks in the insignia painted on the fuselage and on the tail. In good condition


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