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Лот 66 - Auction 243

3.000,00/4.000,00 €
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400,00 EUR
2.000,00 EUR
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Savoia Marchetti
SM81 model aircraft

Imposing wooden model of a Savoia Marchetti SM81 called BAT, three-engine low-wing bomber, in camouflage livery. Employed on the war fronts in East Africa, Spain, and World War II. Beautiful original model from the 1930s, propaganda made by Savoia Marchetti, with swiveling tail rudder, rotating propellers, mobile trolley wheels, rotating machine gun turrets. Cockpit with vintage celluloid windscreen. Hand painted. It was fitted with air-cooled radial propulsion engines, such as the 700 HP Piaggio P.X RC.35 and the 650 HP Alfa Romeo 125 RC.35
Size about 48 cm wingspan. In good condition


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