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Лот 90 - Auction 243

400,00/500,00 €
190,50 EUR

Soccer World Cup

Large table with a silhouette of Italy in the center surmounted by the wording ITALIA 90 and surrounded by 12 plaques depicting the football stadiums where the World Cup matches held in Italy in 1990 were played, and the enamel municipal insignia. The outline of Italy and the 12 plaques are made in relief, covered with a silver foil, each punched 800 inside an oval, and lozenge with indications of the silversmith "52 MC". BRUMAL branded work. Stadiums depicted Turin, Milan, Udine, Genoa, Verona, Florence, Bologna, Cagliari, Rome, Naples, Palermo, Bari. The most representative monuments of the respective 12 cities are depicted on Italy in gilded relief.
Cm. 54x62. In excellent condition


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