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Maccari, Mino (Siena, 24 november 1898 - Roma, 16 june 1989)
Poster sketch

Extraordinary original sketch made by Mino Maccari, for the poster of the film "Splendori e miserie di Madame Royale" with Ugo Tognazzi, directed by Vittorio Caprioli in 1970. Original work, crayons and watercolor on shaped and composed sheets of paper collage. This is one of the tests that Maccari made to then decide which one should be used for the poster of the film, so it is a real and own composition in a certain "unedited" way. In the drawing, Maccari highlights the big face of Ugo Tognazzi (Alessio), which this year marks the centenary of his birth, extraordinary actor in "La grande buffata", "Amici My", "Il Federale", "I Mostri" and many others. The certified origin from the family circle of a well-known film producer, a friend of Maccari
Excellent condition, not signed, measures approx. Cm. 50 x 60-The plot of the film sees Alessio, a homosexual dancer who has abandoned the world of entertainment to take care of Mimmina, the daughter of an old friend of hers, who constantly gets into trouble and is arrested after suffering an abortion. Alessio, who together with his partner periodically holds entertainments "en travesti" with friends of the homosexual community, is blackmailed by the police commissioner who arrested Mimmina, thus becoming an informer for the police headquarters. With his accusations, the police rout drug traffickers and picture forgers. The rumors of his confidences to the ambiguous commissioner, by which Alessio is attracted, turn quickly, and eventually abandoned by all his friends, Alessio will be killed by the underworld.


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