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Лот 193 - Auction 246

3.000,00/4.000,00 €
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2.000,00 EUR
2.200,00 EUR
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China, Qing dynasty, Qianlong period, dated 1770

The deity sitting cross-legged in dhyanasana position on a rectangular section plinth, the hands on each other with palms open on the lap in the dhyanamudra, the wide robe that leaves part of the torso uncovered with a long train on the front, the head with an exuberant crown with pinnacles, inscription 大 清 乾隆 庚寅 年 敬 造 (Da Qing Qianlong gengyin nian jing zao, "made in the gengyin cyclic year during the reign of Qianlong of the great Qing") on the lower zone of the base.

19 x 11,5 x 9 cm

Provenance: Italian private collection.

This sculpture depicting the Buddha of Eternal Life and Eternal Light (in Chinese Wuliangshoufo) is one of the 10,000 similar items commissioned by Qianlong to celebrate his sixtieth birthday.


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Аукцион закрыт