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Лот 127 - Auction 247

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Cognac Napoleon 1811 Grande Réserve

1 bt - 70 cl; 40% vol; vintage 1811.
Old wax seal over driven cork.
Preserved in wood until its bottling in the late 1880s in Cognac.
Filling level: top shoulder (TS), usual level for wines over 15 years old.
Condition report: label and capsule with signs of wear.

As one of the rarest finds in distilled spirits, this bottle represents an important moment in history. It was not only the year the city of Cognac welcomed Napoleon, but also the year his second wife, MarieLouise, gave birth to his son. The following year, Napoleon began his disastrous campaign against Russia. It is hard to believe that a cognac produced in Napoleon's honor, when he was still alive and which he almost certainly tasted, is still available for purchase and consumption.


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