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Лот 7 - Auction 249

50,00/70,00 €
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20,00 EUR
25,00 EUR
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Documento ritrovato: I nipoti della rivoluzione, 1971
Lithography on paper, 40 x 43 cm
Written lower left: author's proof, signed and dated lower right: Fanti '71, titled lower centre: Documento ritrovato: I nipoti della rivoluzione
Fair conditions, framed with glass and passepartout
Return the smile to the children who have lost it, is the kindest of purposes. In orther of this, Bertolami Fine Art and owners of the items on sale in this auction will donate part of auction’s income to “Emergenza Sorrisi”, the onlus who provide free medical care for children from developing countries since 2007.


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Аукцион закрыт