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Лот 150 - Auction 38

16.000,00-20.000,00 EUR
Базовая стоимость лотов:
10.000,00 EUR
10.000,00 EUR
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Venezia, 1906 - Sendai, 1978

Red glass vase, 1940
Red glass from the “laccati” series, h. 30 cm
Signed with acid under the base: Venini Murano

This vase model is no.1872, designed by Vittorio Zecchin; it appears in the factory’s catalog since the first years of partnership with Cappellin (1921-1925). The “ laccati” series in red, black or bicolor black and red, was first presented at the 21st Venice Biennale of 1940.
To obtain this bright red coloring, Scarpa made use of a particular vitreous fabric consisting of tiny glass spheres engraved with lumen embedded in the glass mass. Given the particular difficulty, very few specimens were produced with this technique. See M.Barovier, Carlo Scarpa Venini, Milano 2012, pp.280-287


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