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Лот 10 - Auction 19

Campania, Didrachm,Neapolis, c. 300-275 BC; AR (g 7,41; mm 20; h 8); Head of nymph r., wearing hair-band, earrings and necklace; at l., Artemis with torch, below, APTEMI, Rv. NEOΠOΛITΩN, man-faced bull r. crowned by flying Nike; below, N. Sambon 460; HNItaly 579; SNG Copenhagen 415; SNG ANS 340.
Old cabinet tone, about extremely fine.

This didrachm shows the high artistic quality of neapolitan engravers of IV century b.C. At obverse, we notice the little image of Artemis, indicated also with her name below the neck, while at reverse there is very attention for reproducing all the details of the coin. Certainly Syracuse had influnce on Neapolis, in fact we noticed a lot of similarities between Parthenope’s head and Arethusa’s head.


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